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  • WePublish iPad App

    WePublish is a digital community publishing app that allows you to write, illustrate, publish and print your own 8-page book. Children will love the collage tools and handmade aesthetic that reflects the philosophy of Kids Own Publishing.

    "This is an absolutely fabulous tool for the classroom. I’ve had my Year 1 class busily engaged in writing today after they saw the book I wrote about my cat. If anything will get reluctant kids writing, it’s a great app like this."

Books made with the WePublish app:

The fairy problem

A little tale about a fairy with a tutu missing it depends on her

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Nature – Walks and Wonders

Nature Walks and Wonders – Maranoa Gardens

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The Caroline cruiser

A legend about a mysterious cruise and it may have living siblings

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Pirate party

If you love pirates and love graffiti
READ ME!!!!!!!

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Why am I ignored

A tale about a little girl and her family there are some ups and downs to her life but does it change

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Puppy power

A nice tale about seven puppies and their thrilling adventures.

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Slepailcorn at the convent

Made by many at Open Spaces Abbotsford Convent

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Dream Come to Life

Go on a journey wonderland of dreams

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